The table below presents the revenue (in million rupees) of four firms in three states. These firms, Honest Ltd., Aggressive Ltd., Truthful Ltd. and Profitable Ltd. are disguised in the table as A,B,C and D, in no particular order.

Further, it is known that:

  • In the state of MP, Truthful Ltd. has the highest market share.

  • Aggressive Ltd.’s aggregate revenue differs from Honest Ltd.’s by Rs. 5 million.

Question 56

If Profitable Ltd.’s lowest revenue is from UP, then which of the following is true?


We have ,

By Statement 1, Truthful is A or C.

If Profitable's lowest revenue are from UP, Profitable is either A or D.

By Statement 2, Honest and Aggressive are either A-D or B-C. As Profitable is either A or D, Honest and Aggressive will be one of B or C.

Hence, Truthful is A => Profitable is D.

Hence, Truthful's lowest revenues are from UP.

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