Question 55

Brishti went on an 8-hour trip in a car. Before the trip, the car had travelled a total of $$x$$ km till then, where $$x$$ is a whole number and is palindromic, i.e., $$x$$ remains unchanged when its digits are reversed. At the end of the trip, the car had travelled a total of 26862 km till then, this number again being palindromic. If Brishti never drove at more than 110 km/h, then the greatest possible average speed at which she drove during the trip, in km/h, was


Given the total number of kilometres travelled, including the trip = is 26862 Km, and the duration of the trip is 8 hrs.

If avg. speed of the car during the trip is 's' => the km travelled till just before the trip is 26862 - 8s, which should also be a palindrome.

=> From the options if s = 110 => The reading will be 26862 - 110*8 = 25982 (Not a palindrome)

=> If s = 100 => The reading will be 26862 - 100*8 = 26062 => It is a palindrome.

=> s = 100 is the correct option.

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