Question 54

A contractor agreed to construct a 6 km road in 200 days. He employed 140 persons for the work. After 60 days, he realized that only 1.5 km road has been completed. How many additional people would he need to employ in order to finish the work exactly on time?

Correct Answer: 40


Let the desired efficiency of each worker '6x' per day.

140*6x*200= 6 km ...(i)

In 60 days 60/200*6=1.8 km of work is to be done but actually 1.5km is only done.

Actual efficiency 'y'= 1.5/1.8 *6x =5x.

Now, left over work = 4.5km which is to be done in 140 days with 'n' workers whose efficiency is 'y'.

=> n*5x*140=4.5 ...(ii)

(i)/(ii) gives,


=> n=180.

.'. Extra 180-140 =40 workers are needed. 

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