Question 52

Amal purchases some pens at ₹ 8 each. To sell these, he hires an employee at a fixed wage. He sells 100 of these pens at ₹ 12 each. If the remaining pens are sold at ₹ 11 each, then he makes a net profit of ₹ 300, while he makes a net loss of ₹ 300 if the remaining pens are sold at ₹ 9 each. The wage of the employee, in INR, is

Correct Answer: 1000


Let the number of pens purchased be n. Then the cost price is 8n. The total expenses incurred would be 8n+W, where W refers to the wage.

Then SP in the first case = $$12\times\ 100+11\times\ \left(n-100\right)$$

Given profit is 300 in this case: 1200+11n-1100-8n-W=300 =>3n-W = 200

In second case: 1200+9n-900-8n-W=-300 (Loss). => W-n = 600.

Adding the two equations: 2n = 800

n = 400.

Thus W = 600 + 400 = 1000

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