CAT 2021 Slot 3 Question 49

Question 49

For a real number a, if $$\frac{\log_{15}{a}+\log_{32}{a}}{(\log_{15}{a})(\log_{32}{a})}=4$$ then a must lie in the range


We have :$$\frac{\log_{15}{a}+\log_{32}{a}}{(\log_{15}{a})(\log_{32}{a})}=4$$
We get $$\frac{\left(\frac{\log a}{\log\ 15}+\frac{\log a}{\log32}\right)}{\frac{\log a}{\log\ 15}\times\ \frac{\log a}{\log32}\ \ }=4$$
we get $$\log a\left(\log32\ +\log\ 15\right)=4\left(\log\ a\right)^2$$
we get $$\left(\log32\ +\log\ 15\right)=4\log a$$
=$$\log480=\log a^4$$
=$$a^4\ =480$$
so we can say a is between 4 and 5 .

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