Question 41

Every day Neera's husband meets her at the city railway station at 6.00 p.m. and drives her to their residence. One day she left early from the office and reached the railway station at 5.00 p.m. She started walking towards her home, met her husband coming from their residence on the way and they reached home 10 minutes earlier than the usual time. For how long did she walk?


Since we know that Neera's husband drives at a uniform speed to and from his residence.
If he saved 10 mins overall travel time, he should have driven 5 mins less towards railway station and 5 mins less while driving towards residence.
If he saved 5 minutes in his return journey, he should have started to return 5 minutes before his actual return time.
When the husband met Neera, he should have met her 5 minutes before the actual meeting time i.e. at 5.55 PM. 
So, Neera must have walked for 55 minutes from 5PM.

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