Question 4

Carefully read the following paragraph:

Who could resist the idea of remembering everything they wanted to, without trying? Learning would be made easy, exams a ______ and you would never forget where you left your keys. And memory-related disorders like Alzheimer’s would have met their match. So, it is of little surprise that scientists have turned their attention to ways of ______ human memory using techniques that ______, supplement or even mimic parts of the brain. The immediate goal is to treat memory disorders, but the idea of a memory ______ for everyday life is gaining ground.

Fill in the blanks in the above paragraph, with the best option from among the following:


The first blank requires a word that conveys the idea of something which is easy to do. Joy is a word that conveys the expression, but we have a better choice which is a breeze (a thing that is easy to accomplish). Hence we have eliminated Options A B and D.

The second blank requires a word that goes with the idea of increasing or improving, enhancing is a perfect fit.

So we can conclude that the correct option is C as the other two words stimulate (encourage or increase activity) and prosthesis (artificially created or modified body part) match for the respective blanks.

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