Question 37

A, B and C individually can finish a work in 6, 8 and 15 hours respectively. They started the work together and after completing the work got Rs.94.60 in all. When they divide the money among themselves, A, B and C will respectively get (in Rs.)


Money will be distributed in the ratio of work done in an hour.
i.e. $$\frac{1}{6} : \frac{1}{8} : \frac{1}{15}$$
or 20:15:8
Hence part of A will be = $$\frac{20}{43} \times 94.6 = 44$$
part of B will be = $$\frac{15}{43} \times 94.6 = 33$$
part of C will be = $$\frac{8}{43} \times 94.6 = 17.60$$

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