Question 138

Choose the most logical order of sentences among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

A. Surrendered, or captured, combatants cannot be incarcerated in razor wire cages; this ‘war’ has a dubious legality.

B. How can then one characterize a conflict to be waged against a phenomenon as war?

C. The phrase ‘war against terror’, which has passed into the common lexicon, is a huge misnomer.

D. Besides, war has a juridical meaning in international law, which has codified the laws of war, imbuing them with a humanitarian content.

E.Terror is a phenomenon, not an entity—either State or non-State.


C opens the paragraph brilliantly. E follows C and explains why the phrase "war on terror" is a misnomer. B continues the explanation started in E. D then follows, and gives another reason why the phrase doesn't hold water. A concludes the paragraph aptly.

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