Question 137

Choose the most logical order of sentences among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

A. Four days later, Oracle announced its own bid for PeopleSoft, and invited the firm’s board to a discussion.

B. Furious that his own plans had been endangered, PeopleSoft’s boss, Craig Conway, called Oracle’s offer “diabolical”, and its boss, Larry Ellison, a “sociopath”.

C. In early June, PeopleSoft said that it would buy J.D. Edwards, a smaller rival.

D. Moreover, said Mr. Conway, he “could imagine no price nor combination of price and other conditions to recommend accepting the offer.”

E. On June 12th, PeopleSoft turned Oracle down.


The best opening sentence is C. It gives an introduction to the paragraph saying that Peoplesoft offered to by J.D.Edwards.
This is followed by A, which talks about how Oracle wanted to buy Peoplesoft just 4 days later.
Statement B then follows, by introducing Peoplesoft's boss Craig Conway and quoting his statements.
D follows B as it continues the statements of Mr.Craig.
E is the concluding sentence.

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