Question 136

Out of the four possibilities given, select the one that has all the definitions and their usages most closely matched.


A. Give new direction to

B. Send

C. Change in form

D. Opportunity coming successively for each person

E. It was now his turn to be angry.

F. Leena never turned away a beggar.

G. Ashish asked Laxman to turn his face to the left.

H. The old school building has been turned into a museum.


In point E, it was his chance to be angry, so E-D is a pair.

Point F means that Leena never sent the beggar away, so F-B is a pair.
In point G, Ashish asked Lakshman to change the direction of his face, so G-A is a pair.
In point H, the school changed its form to a museum, so H-C is a pair.

Option d) is the correct answer.

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