Question 134

Out of the four possibilities given, select the one that has all the definitions and their usages most closely matched.


A. Capture

B. Grasp with senses of mind

C. Deception

D. Thing or person worth trapping

E. All her friends agreed that Prasad was a good catch.

F. The proposal sounds very good but where is the catch?

G. Hussain tries to catch the spirit of India in this painting.

H. Sorry, I couldn't catch you.


Point E says, Prasad is a good catch, meaning a good person worth trapping. (D-E) is a clear match and hence option D is the answer as it is the only option with (D-E) pair. For reference sake, we'll look at the other points.
Point F senses a bit of deception as the proposal was too good to not be deceptive. (C-F)
In point G, Hussain tries to capture the spirit of India in his painting. (A-G)
In point H, one person was not able to make out what the other person was trying to say. The word "grasp" fits in well. (B-H)

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