Question 133

Out of the four possibilities given, select the one that has all the definitions and their usages most closely matched.


A. Obliged, constrained

B. Limiting value

C. Move in a specified direction

D. Destined or certain to be

E. Dinesh felt bound to walk out when the discussion turned to kickbacks.

F. Buffeted by contradictory forces he was bound to lose his mind.

G. Vidya's story strains the bounds of credulity.

H. Bound for a career in law, Jyoti was reluctant to study Milton.


Point E says Dinesh had to leave walk out due to kickbacks. It was out of constrain by force of necessity. (A-E)

Point F says it was certain that the contradictory forces would mess up his mind. (D-F)
According to point G, Vidya's story was not readily believable. (B-G)

Point H stresses on Jyoti's affinity towards a career in law, hence she was moving in a specific direction towards her goal. (C-H)

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