Question 132

Out of the four possibilities given, select the one that has all the definitions and their usages most closely matched.


A. Size or quantity found by measuring

B. Vessel of standard capacity

C. Suitable action

D. Ascertain extent or quantity

E. A measure was instituted to prevent outsiders from entering the campus

F. Sheila was asked to measure each item that was delivered.

G. The measure of the cricket pitch was 22 yards.

H. Ramesh used a measure to take out one litre of oil.


In point E, a certain action was taken in order to prevent outsiders from entering the campus. (C-E)
In point F, Sheila had to guage the capacity. "Ascertain extent or quantity" makes a good fit. (D-F)
In point G, the size of cricket pitch was guaged as 22 yards. (A-G)
In point H, Ramesh used a vessel marked with 1 litre capacity to take out the oil. (B-H)

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