Question 115

Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6, so as to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. Whenever technology has flowered, it has put man's language — developing skills into overdrive.

A. Technical terms are spilling into mainstream language almost as fast as junk — mail is slapped into e-mail boxes.

B. The era of computers is no less.

C. From the wheel with its axle to the spinning wheel with its bobbins, to the compact disc and its jewel box, inventions have trailed new words in their wake.

D. "Cyberslang is huge, but it's parochial, and we don't know what will filter into the large culture," said Tom Dalzell, who wrote the slang dictionary Flappers 2 Rappers.

6. Some slangs already have a pedigree.


The first sentence is putting man's skill into overdrive. Option C continues the theme where it substantiates with the help of an example. Option B introduces the computer era. Option A continues the theme of computer era. Option D continues the them where a slang is stated. 6 correctly concludes the sentence.

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