Question 116

Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6, so as to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. Until the MBA arrived on the scene the IIT graduate was king.

A. A degree from one of the five IITs was a passport to a well-paying job, great prospects abroad and, for some, a decent dowry to boot.

B. From the day he or she cracked the Joint Entrance Examination, the IIT student commanded the awe of neighbours and close relatives.

C. IIT students had, meanwhile, also developed their own special culture, complete with lingo and attitude, which they passed down.

D. True, the success stories of IIT graduates are legion and they now constitute the cream of the Indian diaspora.

6. But not many alumni would agree that the IIT undergraduate mindset merits a serious psychological study, let alone an interactive one.


The passage talks about IIT graduate being a king. Statement B should be the first sentence as it explains why IIT graduates were kings. Statement A further elaborates on the same point as B so it should follow B. We have two possible arrangements, BACD and BADC, The last statement starts with 'but' so the previous statement should have some positive talk about IIT. D is the statement which talks about IITians in positive light. So D should be the last sentence. Hence BACD is the right order.

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