XAT 2014 Question 11


Read the definitions below and select the best match between the numbered sentences and the
Premise: A proposition from which another statement is inferred or follows a conclusion.
Assumption: Something, which is accepted as true.Facts: Something, which can be checked.
Reason: A cause, explanation or justification for an action or event.
Conclusion: An end, finish or summarization of process or argument.
Proposition: A statement that expresses judgment or opinion.
Question: A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit opinion.
Inductive inference: An end, finish or summarization reached for “the whole”, based on “a particular” real incidence.
Deductive Inference: An end, finish or summarization reached based on the combining and recombining two or more than two assumptions

Question 11

The fatal consequences of having a routine mid- day meal for at least twenty two children in Bihar’s Saran district expose the chronic neglect of school education in a large part of India a:. The governments cannot find a small piece of land for a school and are unable to store food materials without the risk of contamination is a telling commentary on their commitment to universal primary education b:. The Bihar
horror clearly points to the absence of strong normative procedures for the provision of infrastructure, even for a new school c:.
The best match would be:

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