XAT 2014 Question 10


Read the definitions below and select the best match between the numbered sentences and the
Premise: A proposition from which another statement is inferred or follows a conclusion.
Assumption: Something, which is accepted as true.Facts: Something, which can be checked.
Reason: A cause, explanation or justification for an action or event.
Conclusion: An end, finish or summarization of process or argument.
Proposition: A statement that expresses judgment or opinion.
Question: A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit opinion.
Inductive inference: An end, finish or summarization reached for “the whole”, based on “a particular” real incidence.
Deductive Inference: An end, finish or summarization reached based on the combining and recombining two or more than two assumptions

Question 10

When you look at the people who make fundamental, revolutionary breakthrough in any field, you keep noticing over and over and over again a high preponderance of them have some sort of disability when they were younger, whether it was a physical disability or mental disability, which leads to lower expectations from others, whom they always wanted to prove wrong a:. And what does it do b:? What does that do to you, when you try to prove someone wrong c:? You increase your engagement in something because you want to fight against
those expectations d:.So it seems like it actually can be a gift having what we label as a disability, or disorder, and cause people to overcompensate and engage in things in other ways e:. A research study shows that higher number of people with dyslexia become social entrepreneurs because they over-compensate their disability through nonverbal communication, initiative and gift (6). And this overcompensation leads to greatness (7).The best match would be:


From the given definitions, we can infer that statement 1 is an assumption. In statement 1, it is mentioned that people always wanted to prove wrong and this cannot be the fact. Therefore, 1 is an assumption. Statement 2 is questioning. Statement 4 states the reason and statement 7 gives the conclusion. The answer is option B.

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