Question 104

Select the correct sequence of the four sentences given below.
A. By intelligence we mean a style of life, a way of behaving in various situations, and particularly in new, strange and perplexing situations.
B. When we talk about intelligence, we do not mean the ability to get a good score on a certain kind of test, or even the ability to do well at school.
C. The true test of intelligence is not how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do.
D. These are at best only indicators of something large, deeper and far more important.


The best opening sentence is B. It introduces the topic of the paragraph - intelligence. This is followed by D. The word 'these' in sentence D refers to the tests in sentence B. Next is sentence A, which talks about what intelligence actually means. The concluding sentence is C. The correct order of sentences is BDAC.

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