TS ICET 28th July 2022 Shift-2


In the following questions numbered 1 to 20, a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as (I) and (II) You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

What is the value of $$x + y + z$$?
(I) $$3x - y + 2z$$
(II) $$x + 5y+ 2z = 10$$

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Question 2

If $$x, y$$ are positive integers, is $$\sqrt{x^{2} + y^{2}}$$ an integer?
(I) $$x : y = 1 : 2$$.
(II) $$x + y$$ is multiple of 7.

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Question 3

Is the positive integer n divisible by 462?
(I) 715 divides n.
(II) 210 is a factor of n.

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Question 4

What is height of the cylinder?
(I) Volume of the cylinder is $$48cm^{3}$$.
(II) The lateral surface area of the cylinder- is $$28cm^{2}$$.

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Question 5

If $$x$$ and y are integers then is z an even integer?
(I) $$z = (x + y)^{2}$$.
(II) $$Z = 2x + 4y$$.

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Question 6

If a, b, c are integers, is a < b ?
(I) $$a^{2} + b^{2} + c^{2} = 0$$.
(II) b < a + c.

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Question 7

What is the cost of erecting a fence around a rectangular field?
(I) The area of the field is 24000 square meters.
(II) The cost of fencing Rs.150 per meter.

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Question 8

If m, n are positive integers greater than 4, then what is the value of m+n?
(I) mn = 48.
(II) m > n.

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Question 9

What is the common ratio of the Geometric Progression?
(I) The sum of the first four terms is 80.
(II) The first and fourth terms are 2 and 54 respectively.

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Question 10

What is the positive integral value of $$x$$?
(I) $$57 < 7x + 1 < 71$$.
(II) $$25 < x 2 < 81$$.

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