TS ICET 28th July 2022 Shift-2


In the following questions numbered 1 to 20, a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as (I) and (II) You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 11

What is the selling price of the sofa?
(I) The marked price of the sofa is Rs.7500.
(II) The profit the merchant gets by selling the sofa is Rs.900.

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Question 12

What is the present age of the person A?
(I) Today is A's birthday.
(II) After one year he will be twice as old as he was ten years ago.

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Question 13

What is the area of the circle?
(I) The circle circumscribes a square of area 49 $$cm^{2}$$
(II) The circle is inscribed in a triangle of area 48$$cm^{2}$$.

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Question 14

How many marks did he get in Mathematics?
(I) The average of his marks in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry is 79.
(II) The average of his marks in Mathematics and Chemistry is 72.

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Question 15

Is $$f(x)$$ an even function?
(I) $$f(x) = g(x) + g(- x), x \epsilon ℝ$$
(II) $$g(x) = \cos x, x \epsilon ℝ$$

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Question 16

How many people are there in the queue between two persons A and B?
(I) A is the $$15^{th}$$ from the end of the line.
(II) B is in the centre of the line and there are 10 more ahead of him.

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Question 17

In a Carrom Board game of doubles played by four players A, B, C and D, who is sitting opposite to A?
(I) B is sitting opposite to D.
(II) C is sitting facing North.

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Question 18

In a queue of 20 people waiting at the counter what is the position of A from the end of the line?
(I) B is the fifth person in front of A from A.
(II) B is eighteenth person from the end of the line.

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Question 19

Will it be Friday tomorrow?
(I) Day before yesterday is Tuesday.
(II) Sunday is a holiday.

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Question 20

Four boys A, B, C, D sit around a round table side by side facing the centre of the table. Then who sits to the left of B?
(I) B and C face each other and A sits between Band C.
(II) D sits to the right of C and sits opposite to A.

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