Study the following graph to answer these Questions.
The following pie-chart gives the percentage of people in a city working in night shifts from various Industries. The bar graph shows the percentage of females from these industries working in night shifts.

Question 141

What is the approximate average number of females working in night shifts from all the industries together?

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Question 142

The number of females from the gaming industry is what percent of the total number of people working in the night shifts from all the industries together?

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Question 143

What is the percentage differenéé-between the number of males and females working in the night shift from these industries?

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Question 144

If the numberof females working in night shift for banking is 3206, while the percentage of females inrest ofthe industries remained unchanged, Then the new percentage of females workingin night shiff will be .......

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Question 145

Percentage of males workingin night shift is lowest in which of the following industries?

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Study the following graphs to answer these questions
In the year 2015, 17 lakh tonnes of a fruit was produced in a certain State. Is production status in SIX Districts of that State is shown in Pie-chart I. the percentages of total expenditure incurred under different heads for producing this fruit in a District is shown by Pie-chart II.

Question 146

The monthly expenses for water in District B is more/less than the monthly expenditure for electricity in District A by ...... (The total expenditure is ₹1700 per tonne in a year).

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Question 147

The total expenses incurred for the production of fruits in districts E, F and C are in the ratio 3:2:4.The total expenditure per tonne of production fruit in these districts is ₹ 5580.The amount spent towards transport in district F is more/less than that in E is ........

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Question 148

If the expenditure incurred indistrict D is 20% more than that in district B and ₹ 950000 were spent in district B then expenses for labour in district D are

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Question 149

The profit earned by the sale of the fruit in district F is 25%. The sale price being 10000 per tonne, how money was spent on fertilizers approx.?

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Question 150

The sale price of the vegetable IN District A is ₹ 7000 per tone and that in B is ₹8500 per tonne. A profit of 5% is earned in B and a loss of 5% is registered in A. The amount spent on water in A more/less than that on seeds in B is

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