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In the following questions the symbols $$\delta,$$ @, © , % and $$\bigstar$$ are used with the following meaning as illustrated below:
‘P © Q’ means ‘P is not smaller than Q’.
‘P % Q’ means ‘P is neither smaller than nor equal to Q’
‘P$$\bigstar$$ Q’ means ‘P is neither greater than nor equal to Q’.
‘P$$\delta$$ Q’ means ‘P is not greater than Q’
‘P @ Q means ‘P is neither greater than nor smaller than Q’.
Now in each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true find which of the four conclusions I, II III and IV given below them is/are definitely true and give your answer accordingly

Question 171

$$R \bigstar K$$, K % D, D @ V, $$V \delta M$$
I.$$ R \bigstar D$$
II.$$V \bigstar R$$
IV.M % D

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Question 172

F % N, N © W, W$$ \delta$$ Y, Y$$ \bigstar T$$
I.F % W
II.T % N

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Question 173

B © T, T$$\bigstar$$R, R % F, F @ K
I. B % R
II. F $$\bigstar$$ T
III. R % K
IV. K$$\bigstar$$ T

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Question 174

J @ F, F $$\delta$$ N, N % H, H © G
I.G $$\bigstar$$N
II.N © J
III.F $$\bigstar$$ J
IV.J $$\delta$$ G

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Question 175

D $$\delta$$ T, T @ R, R © M, M % K
I.R @ D
III.K $$\bigstar$$ T
IV.M $$\delta$$ T

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In making decisions about important questions it is desirable to be able to distinguish between ‘strong’ arguments and ‘weak’ arguments ‘Weak’ arguments are those which are of minor importance and also may not be directly related to the question or may be related to a trivial aspect of the question
Each question below is followed by three arguments numbered (A) (B) and (C) You have to decide which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument and which is a ‘weak’ argument

Question 176

Statement:should there be a cap on drawing groundwater for irrigation purposes in India ?
(A)No irrigation is of prime importance for food production in India and it is heavily dependent on groundwater in many parts of the country
(B)Yes water tables have gone down to alarmingly low levels in some parts of the country where irrigation is primarily dependent on groundwater which may lead to serious environmental consequences
(C)Yes India just cannot afford to draw groundwater any further as the international agencies have cautioned India against it

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Question 177

Statement: Should there be complete ban on setting up of thermal power plants in India ?
(A)Yes this is the only way to arrest further addition to environmental pollution
(B)No there is a huge shortage of electricity in most parts of the country and hence generation of electricity needs to be augmented
(C)No many developed countries continue to set up thermal power plants in their countries

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Question 178

Statement:Should there be a restriction on the construction of high rise buildings in big cities in India.
(A)No big cities in India do not have adequate open land plots to accommodate the growing population
(B)Yes only the builders and developers benefit from the construction of high rise buildings
(C)Yes only the Government should first provide adequate infrastructure facilities to existing buildings before allowing the construction of new high rise buildings

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Question 179

Statement:Should road repair work in big cities be carried out only late at night ?
(A)No this way the work will never get completed
(B)No there will be unnecessary use of electricity
(C)Yes the commuters will face lot of problems due to repair work during the day

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Question 180

Statement:Should all the deemed universities be derecognised and attached to any of the central or state universities in India ?
(A)Yes many of these deemed universities do not conform to the required standards of a full fledged university and hence the level of education is compromised
(B)No these deemed universities have been able to introduce innovative courses suitable to the requirement of various industries as they are free from strict Government controls
(C)Yes many such universities are basically money spinning activities and education takes a backseat in these institutions

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