RPF 11 Jan 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Find out which 3 images of the five images below will create a complete square.

Question 82

Read the following statements and answer the following question.

A4B if B is the mother A is
A3B if B's ​​father A is
A5B if B's ​​son A is
A7B If B's ​​daughter A is in the

following equation, what is the 'S's father'?

Question 83

How many rows of triangles can be created in the given image?

Question 84

In this question, this statement has different interrelationships. The following results are followed by:

Claims: B> E> A = T <I ≤ N

i) B> T
ii) B> I

select the correct answer from the following
(A) decision i only correct
(C) The result of i or ii is correct
(D) The result i and ii are both false
(E) i and ii are correct.

Question 85

In a particular index language, PITCH is referred to as KRGXS. How is RADIO coded in the same index language?

Question 86

What is the remainder of 54547 divided by 9?

Question 87

The Loss incurred by selling an article at Rs.335 is 60% of the gain attained by selling the same article at Rs.671. Find the cost price of the article. (in Rs)

Question 88

The amount doubles itself under Compound interest in 7 years. In how many years will it become 128 times of it?

Question 89

Under 11% interest rate per interest rate of Rs. 8,000 is invested. The amount is then taken over 5 years and half of it is invested in the stock market. Find the outstanding balance. (In Rupees)

Question 90

The data below is shown in the years (2001-2005) for data generation (thousands of) data production of three different companies X, Y and Z).

What is the difference between the production of Z company in 2001 and the production of Y in 2002? (In thousands)

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