RPF 11 Jan 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91


Question 92

In the English section of a customer service, 217 male and 217 female workers work. The average productivity of all employees is 77 calls per day. If an average male employee responds to 77 calls, how many will a female employee answer on average?

Question 93

Anita performs a particular chase at the speed of speed (9/10) at regular speed, which he takes 25 minutes longer than usual time. Find the time you usually take. (In minutes)

Question 94

The length of a floor is 125% of its width. Floor area of 180 m 2 , the length and width of the floor is the sum of? (In meters)

Question 95


Question 96

A bulb manufacturer found that 19% of the bulbs were repaired in the overall production. If the number of unbleached bulbs is 2025, find the number of defective bulbs.

Question 97

If the cube with a 45√3 cm diagonal is molded, the side of the cube and the length of the cuboid is the same size. If the width of the cuboid is 22.5 cm, what is its height? (In centimeters)

Question 98

Martin donated 13% of his salary to the company for the blind, 12% to the overseas home, 14% to the company for disabilities, and 16% for medical aid companies. The remaining salary is Rs. 19,125 is deposited in the bank for monthly expenses. If so, find out the amount he donated to the company for the blind?

Question 99

The sum of three numbers is 225. If the ratio for the first and second number is 2: 3, the ratio of the second and third number is 3: 4, what is the second number?

Question 100

Ankit, Babu, Christo, and David are distributed amount at a 5: 4: 3: 2 ratio. Christo receives Rs. 115 more than David. What is the amount received by Babu? (In Rupees)

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