RPF 11 Jan 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

The average weight of 89 notebooks in a box is 8.9 kg. When a new notebook is added, its average is 9 kilograms. Find the weight of the new notebook. (In kg)

Question 112

There are three types of old coins in a box at 3: 5: 7. The value of old currencies is 1 rupee, 5 rupees and 10 rupees respectively. The total value of the coins in the box is Rs. If 2450, find the number of coins worth 10 rupees.

Question 113

Anil obtained 79 marks out of 120 in French, 95 marks out of 130 in English, 31 out of 70 in Spanish and 35 out of 80 in Japanese. What is the overall percentage obtained by him? (in %)

Question 114

There are 10 bangles in a gift box, the first 4 bangles weighing 72 grams. The average weight of the remaining 6 bangles is 73 grams. Find the average weight of total bangles. (G)

Question 115

Find the fraction of X, if X = 0.128888.

Question 116

The total area of the square shaped glass chain placed on a table is 961cm2 . Find the length of the table, if the width between the tip of the table and the width of the table is 11 cm. (In centimeters)

Question 117

After subsequent discounts of 10% and 20%, the sale price of a product is Rs. 1,836. If its modest price is 50% of the price at which the subject is priced, what is its suppression price? (In Rupees)

Question 118

The difference between the compound interest and the interest rate for a certain amount invested in 2 years is Rs. Is 198. If the interest rate is 6% per annum, find out the amount invested.

Question 119

A 145-meter long train passes at 54 kilometers and crosses a bridge in 29 seconds. If so, find the length of the bridge. (In meters)

Question 120

The maximum number of two numbers is 51 (mc) and its maximum public factor is 17 (m). If a number 17 is given, find the second number.

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