RPF 11 Jan 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Select the correct waterfront for the given question from the following.

Question 72

Find the next number in this row.
35, 46, 59, 76, 95,?

Question 73

How many squares are there in the picture?

Question 74

Since the following five are identical to one of the five, they form a group. Which of these does not belong to the group?
M, O, S, W, C

Question 75

Find the next number in this row.
14, 31, 59, 121, 239,?

Question 76

Find the answer to the question mark by following the same logic matching the first couple.
Stammer: Speak :: Scribble: ??

Question 77

In this question, a column and a statement followed. Read the paragraph carefully and decide on the basis of that column.

Moscow officials said that a pair of Russian astronauts cut out the material samples around a spy hole in a Soyuz spacecraft stationed at the International Space Station on Tuesday using knives and chin knives. It was discovered in August, after the last trip of the spacecraft, that the 2-meter pipe airbag on the Soyuz spacecraft was parked at international space. The Rascassasmos Space Agency said that the small but dangerous hole had been found on Earth or in the outer space was to cut the enclosed glue material, to analyze the model of the material and to pull it into a new tapper in that area.

Senior astronauts fought and ultimately succeeded in their pursuit. Before this astronaut walk, the spacecraft could only examine the hole within the spacecraft. Unlike the International Space Station, the Soyce shuttle is not designed to repair and hold the spacecraft on the outer space without having any handles to hold.

The claim: that the size of the intricate hole was calculated to be bigger and more dangerous.

Select the correct answer from the following
A - The claim is entirely correct The
B - statement may be correct
C - The
D - claim to be unable to determine the claim is entirely incorrect.

Question 78

Select the next image in the given order?

Question 79

P, Q, R, S, T, and U are printed on pages of the dice as shown in the picture. Which letter is written in the opposite of the letter T?

Question 80

Introducing a boy, my mother told her daughter-in-law, "This is my brother's daughter's brother." Then what is my mother's daughter-in-law's relationship with that boy?

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