JEE (Advanced) 2017 Paper-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

The standard state Gibbs free energies of formation of C(graphite) and C(diamond) at T = 298 K are
$$\triangle_{f}G^{0}[C(graphite)]=0 kJ\ mol^{-1}$$
$$\triangle_{f}G^{0}[C(diamond)]=2.9 kJ\ mol^{-1}$$
The standard state means that the pressure should be 1 bar, and substance should be pure at a given temperature. The conversion of graphite [C(graphite)] to diamond [C(diamond)] reduces its volume by $$2\times10^{-6}m^{3}mol^{-1}$$ If C(graphite) is converted to C(diamond) isothermally at T = 298 K, the pressure at which C(graphite) is in equilibrium with
[Useful information: 1 J = 1 kg $$m^{2}s^{-2}$$;1 Pa=1kg $$m^{-1}s^{-2}$$; $$1 bar = 10^{5} Pa$$] C(diamond), is

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Question 22

Which of the following combination will produce $$H_{2}$$ gas?

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Question 23

The order of the oxidation state of the phosphorus atom in $$H_{3}PO_{2},H_{3}PO_{4},H_{3}PO_{3}$$ and $$H_{4}P_{2}O_{6}$$ is

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Question 24

The major product of the following reaction is

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Question 25

The order of basicity among the following compounds is

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Question 26

The correct statement(s) about surface properties is(are)

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Question 27

For a reaction taking place in a container in equilibrium with its surroundings, the effect of temperature on its equilibrium constant K in terms of change in entropy is described by

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Question 28

In a bimolecular reaction, the steric factor P was experimentally determined to be 4.5. The correct option(s) among the following is(are)

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Question 29

For the following compounds, the correct statement(s) with respect to nucleophilic substitution reactions is(are)

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Question 30

Among the following, the correct statement(s) is(are)

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