IIFT 23rd Dec 2021 Slot 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Rahul takes 4 days to finish one third of a job, Sohan takes 3 days to finish one sixth of thesame work and Ram takes 5 days to finish half the job. All 3 of them together work for 3 days after whichRahul and Ram leave the job. How long will it take for Sohan to complete the remaining work?

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Question 2

A shopkeeper marks up the price of the Toor dal by 20% and gives a discount of 10% to thecustomer. Besides, he also tricks 100 grams to his dealer and his customer respectively while buying orselling 1 kilogram of Toor dal. Find the profit percentage of the shopkeeper.

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Question 3

For maintaining social distancing due to covid situation, Rohan, Sohan and Rahul are sittingequidistantly, at a distance of 3 meter in a triangular formation. Priya came and sat in between Sohan andRahul such that distance between Priya and Sohan is half the distance between Rahul and Priya. What willbe the distance between Priya and Rohan in meter?

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Question 4

In a group of students, x number of students drink only Fruit Juice, 2x number of students drinkonly Coke. $$\frac{57}{x}$$ students drink both Fruit Juice and Coke and the students who drink neither Fruit Juice norCoke are $$\frac{57}{3x}$$. The number of students who drink Coke may be

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Question 5

Ishika speaks truth in 60% of cases and Mishika in 85% of cases. Ishika and Mishika agree in astatement. Find the probability that the statement is true.

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Question 6

The last two digits of the expression $$1(1!)^{1!} + 2(2!)^{2!} + 3(3!)^{3!} + .... + 121(121!)^{121!}$$

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Question 7

Two towers 10 meters apart, are 4 m and 6 m high respectively. What will be the height of pointof intersection of lines joining the top of each tower to the bottom of opposite tower?

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Question 8

$$f(x) = \frac{2x + 2}{2x - 2}$$, where y = f(x). Find the ratio of x to f(y).

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Question 9

During a marriage ceremony in Panipat, two shots from the air rifle are fired from the sameplace at an interval of 10 minutes 42 seconds. A man sitting in the train which is approaching the placewhere the ceremony is being held, hears the second sound after 10 minutes of hearing the first one.Assuming speed of sound to be 330 m/s, what could be the speed of the train?

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Question 10

If area of the adjacent faces of a cuboid is given as p, q and r respectively and the volume isgiven as 'V' then the square of the volume will be

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