IIFT 2013 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 121

It was a rainy morning in Delhi when Rohit drove his mother to a dentist in his Maruti Alto. They started at 8.30 AM from home and Rohit maintained the speed of the vehicle at 30 Km/hr. However, while returning from the doctor’s chamber, rain intensified and the vehicle could not move due to severe water logging. With no other alternative, Rohit kept the vehicle outside the doctor’s chamber and returned home along with his mother in a rickshaw at a speed of 12 Km/hr. They reached home at 1.30 PM. If they stayed at the doctor’s chamber for the dental check-up for 48 minutes, the distance of the doctor’s chamber from Rohit’s house is

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Question 122

Two alloys of aluminium have different percentages of aluminium in them. The first one weighs 8 kg and the second one weighs 16 kg. One piece each of equal weight was cut off from both the alloys and first piece was alloyed with the second alloy and the second piece alloyed with the first one. As a result, the percentage of aluminium became the same in the resulting two new alloys. What was the weight of each cut-off piece?

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Question 123

Three years ago, your close friend had won a lottery of Rs. 1 crore. He purchased a flat for Rs. 40 lakhs, a car for Rs. 20 lakhs and shares worth Rs. 10 lakhs. He put the remaining money in a bank deposit that pays compound interest @ 12 percent per annum. If today, he sells off the flat, the car and the shares at certain percentage of their original value and withdraws his entire money from the bank, the total gain in his assets is 5%. The closest approximate percentage of the original value at which he sold off the three items is

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Question 124

$$log_{13} log_{21} (\sqrt{x+21}+ \sqrt{x} ) =0 $$ then the value of x is

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Question 125

If x is real, the smallest value of the expression $$3x^{2} - 4x + 7$$ is :

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Question 126

The average of 7 consecutive numbers is P. If the next three numbers are also added, the average shall

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Question 127

The duration of the journey from your home to the College in the local train varies directly as the distance and inversely as the velocity. The velocity varies directly as the square root of the diesel used per km., and inversely as the number of carriages in the train. If, in a journey of 70 km. in 45 minutes with 15 carriages, 10 litres of diesel is required, then the diesel that will be consumed in a journey of 50 km. in half an hour with 18 carriages is

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Question 128

Capacity of tap Y is 60% more than that of X. If both the taps are opened simultaneously, they take 40 hours to fill the rank. The time taken by Y alone to fill the tank is

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