IIFT 2013 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

A tennis ball is initially dropped from a height of 180 m. After striking the ground, it rebounds (3/5)th of the height from which it has fallen. The total distance that the ball travels before it comes to rest is

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Question 112

In a sports meet for senior citizens organized by the Rotary Club in Kolkata, 9 married couples participated in Table Tennis mixed double event. The number of ways in which the mixed double team can be made, so that no husband and wife play in the same set, is

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Question 113

Two trains P and Q are scheduled to reach New Delhi railway station at 10.00 AM. The probability that train P and train Q will be late is 7/9 and 11/27 respectively. The probability that train Q will be late, given that train P is late, is 8/9. Then the probability that neither train will be late on a particular day is

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Question 114

A survey was conducted to test relative aptitudes in quantitative and logical reasoning of MBA applicants. It is perceived (prior to the survey) that 80 percent of MBA applicants are extremely good in logical reasoning, while the other 20 percent are extremely good in quantitative aptitude. Further, it is believed that those with strong quantitative knowledge are also sound in data interpretation, with conditional probability as high as 0.87. However, some MBA applicants who are extremely good in logical reasoning can be also good in data interpretation, with conditional probability 0.15. An applicant surveyed is found to be strong in data interpretation. The probability that the applicant is also strong in quantitative aptitude is

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Question 115

Your friend’s cap is in the shape of a right circular cone of base radius 14 cm and height 26.5 cm. The approximate area of the sheet required to make 7 such caps is

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Question 116

In an engineering college there is a rectangular garden of dimensions 34 m by 21 m. Two mutually perpendicular walking corridors of 4 m width have been made in the central part and flowers have been grown in the rest of the garden. The area under the flowers is

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Question 117

If decreasing 70 by X percent yields the same result as increasing 60 by X percent, then X percent of 50 is

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Question 118

A rod is cut into 3 equal parts. The resulting portions are then cut into 12, 18 and 32 equal parts, respectively. If each of the resulting portions have integer length, the minimum length of the rod is

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Question 119

If $$log_{10} x - log_{10} \sqrt[3]{x} = 6log_{x}10$$ then the value of x is

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Question 120

A mother along with her two sons is entrusted with the task of cooking Biryani for a family get- together. It takes 30 minutes for all three of them cooking together to complete 50 percent of the task. The cooking can also be completed if the two sons start cooking together and the elder son leaves after 1 hour and the younger son cooks for further 3 hours. If the mother needs 1 hour less than the elder son to complete the cooking, how much cooking does the mother complete in an hour?

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