CAT Logical Reasoning Questions With Detailed Video Solutions [PDF]

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These PDFs compresies of Logical Reasoning is the second section in CAT exam. Around 20 questions will be asked from this topic in the form of 3-5 sets having 3-5 questions in each LR set. This section tests the logical ability of a candidate to solve a given problem. LR (Logical Reasoning) questions can be considered as puzzles. They mainly have questions from the following topics.

CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus / LR Topics:

  • Linear Arrangement
  • Circular Arrangement
  • Grouping
  • Family Tree (blood relations)
  • Venn diagrams
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Mapping, Routes and Networks
  • Games and Tournaments
  • LR based picking coins
  • Truth - Lie concept
  • Selection with conditions
  • Other Miscellaneous puzzles

How to improve solving Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT:

10 Tips to improve LR for CAT:

  1. Solve Logical reasoning questions from CAT Previous papers
  2. Always start with the data with most given information or find the most obvious link
  3. Always select the data sets which are easy rather than familiar. Finding out what sets you should attempt and what sets you should leave is very important for time based tests.
  4. Practice every sort of LR question rather than mcq's. Remember each one is defined on different patter and you should be able to break any pattern.
  5. Practice puzzles (like Sudoku)
  6. Don't Assume any other information
  7. Always pay attention to every given statement and its detailed implication.
  8. Practice CAT mock tests and sectionals.
  9. Always try on your own before viewing the solution. Go back to unanswered and wrong questions and try them again until you get
  10. Never forget that you are not alone, if you cant understand something try to ask someone who could answer it.

Download Logical Reasoning for CAT Questions and Answers PDF:

Routes and Networks:

Logical Reasoning Puzzles

Venn Diagrams (4-Sets)

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning set-2

Grouping & Selection:

Grouping & Selection

Linear and Circular Arrangement:


Linear Arrangement questions

Logical Reasoning Practice Questions


Seating Arrangement questions

Circular Arrangement

Cubes and Calendars:

CAT Questions on Cubes [Download PDF]

CAT Calendar Questions

Einstein Puzzle:

Einstein's puzzles

DI-LR Questions (Einstein's Puzzle)

Analytical Reasoning

Blood Relationship:

Blood relationship


Scheduling Questions for CAT

Truth Tellers and Liars:

Binary Logical Reasoning CAT

Ranking Arrangement:

Logical reasoning Puzzles [Download PDF]



Mental Ability:

Mental Ability

General Reasoning:

High level reasoning

Table Based-LR:

Data Interpretation questions

Some other Previous Questions:

Previous year CAT LR questions

We hope that our CAT Logical reasoning questions with solutions PDF will be useful to you.

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