Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Questions

Quantitative aptitude for cat questions PDF
Quantitative aptitude for cat questions

CAT Quantitative Aptitude post consists of the Important Quant questions and answers for CAT. In CAT, Quantitative aptitude section will have around 34 questions.

Number systems, Geometry, Arithmetic, Algebra, Probability are the important topics in quantitative aptitude for CAT.

Quant questions will be very much useful while solving some DI questions in CAT. This section can boost the score of aspirants by a good margin.

Though the basics will be of high school mathematics, aspirants must practice more to score well in CAT quantitative aptitude. The questions will be mostly standalone questions.

Some questions from easy topics can turn out to be tricky. Skip these questions to save time. Also, do not avoid complete topics. Some easy questions may appear from the topics you have completely left out. Hence, try to know at least the basics of all the topics.

One of the major advantages in the quants section is that the questions are of the individual type. Hence, you can afford to read a question and skip it.

Unlike other sections wherein you have to invest a considerable amount of time before starting to answer questions, quants section offers you the much-required flexibility.

Unlike the verbal section, aspirants can improve their ability in the quants section in a limited time frame. Having sound fundamentals can go a long way in determining the score of the aspirants in this section. Also, aspirants can see a jump in their scores just within a few weeks of diligent practice.

Learning CAT Quant Tricks will definitely help you to score more in this section.

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Download Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Questions and Answers PDF:

The following pdfs have been carefully compiled to provide aspirants with some quality questions spread across various topics.

Quant Questions and Answers:

CAT Aptitude Sample Questions PDF

CAT Quant Previous Questions

Download CAT Quantitative Aptitude Formulas

How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT

Number System:

Number System Questions Set-1

Number System Questions for CAT Set-2

CAT Number Systems Set-3

Numbers System set-4


Applications of number system:

Divisibility/Factors of a number:

Factors of a number

Divisibility Questions for CAT

CAT Questions on Divisibility

Remainder Theorems for CAT

Wilson’s Theorem for CAT

HCF LCM CAT Questions

Base System:

Base System

Base System Set-2

Factorials/Expansion of a number:

Squares & Cubes


Factorial set-2


Finding Last Two Digits of a number


Logarithms & Indices:


Logarithms set-2

Logarithms & Indices set-3


Algebra Surds and Indices:

CAT Algebra Questions

Surds and Indices for CAT Questions


Averages, Percentages, Ratio and proportion:


Percentages Questions for CAT

Ratios and Proportions for CAT

Ratios and Proportion set-2

Ratios and Proportion set-3


Applications of Averages, Ratio and proportion:


CAT Problems on Ages

Simple & Compound Interest

Simple and Interest CAT questions


Mixtures and Alligations:

Mixtures and Alligations

Mixtures and Alligations Set-2

Mixtures and Allegations CAT


Time, Speed, Distance and Work:

Time Speed Distance questions for CAT

Time and Work (Set-2)

Time and Work Problems for CAT (Topic Test)

Time and Work problems

Applications of Time and Work:


Relative speed

Boats and Streams

CAT Questions on Circular Motion

Pipes and cisterns 

Based on Clock 

CAT Problems on Trains

Cat Calendar Questions


Functions and Graphs:

Functions and Groups for CAT Set-2

Functions and Graphs for CAT

Maxima & Minima


Geometry and Mensuration:

Lines and Angles

Cones & Frustums


Coordinate Geometry 

Geometry Questions with Solutions Set-2

Geometry Questions for CAT

Mensuration Questions for CAT 

CAT Questions on Triangles

Circle Questions


Progressions and Series:

Progressions & Series

Arithmetic & Geometric progressions set-2

Arithmetic progressions

Geometric Progressions

AP, GP & HP Progressions

Data Sufficiency:

Data Sufficiency Questions

Data Sufficiency questions for CAT

CAT Data Sufficiency questions


Inequality & Modulus:

Inequalities & Modulus questions


Venn diagrams and set theory:

Set Theory Questions

Venn diagrams problems

Venn Diagrams Set-2

Profit and Loss:

Profit and Loss questions for CAT

CAT Problems on Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss Questions for CAT Set-2

Profit & Loss questions for CAT Set-4

Applications of Profit and Loss:



Permutations and Combinations:

Permutation and combination questions for CAT

CAT Permutation and Combination Questions PDF (Set -2)

Permutation and combination questions for CAT Set-3


Probability Questions for CAT

Probability Questions Set-2

Probability Questions Set-3

Probability questions set-4


Bayes Theorem – Conditional Probability for CAT


Equations for CAT:

CAT Linear Equations Questions

Quadratic Equations Problems for CAT


Do not leave out marginal topics like set theory, simple and compound interest. There can be a few sitters from these topics. Hence, make sure that you solve questions from such topics too.

In CAT, Quant section will consist questions of both TITA (Type in the answer) and MCQ (Multiple choice questions). Although the TITA questions don’t have any options, the problem will be easy to solve.

How to attempt Quant questions?

The number of correct attempts is very important than the number of attempts. Generally, in quantitative aptitude section, there will be a mixture of easy, moderate, difficult, time-consuming questions. Speed is very important while solving these questions.

Always remember that this section will test your mathematical ability and accuracy with which you can solve a given problem.

Aspirants can solve certain questions logically without getting too mathematical in approach. These questions can save a considerable amount of time. Hence, aspirants must not let such opportunities slip away.

Mostly, questions will involve the use of multiple concepts. Hence, after practising questions from individual topics, aspirants must solve questions from mocks to reinforce their concept.

The ability to recall a concept from the back of your head matters more in this section than the number of concepts you know. Therefore, check periodically whether you are picking up the right cues from the questions.

Also, certain deceptively simple questions will carry a catch. If you feel some question to be too easy, check whether you are missing out some vital part. Also, read the question and options completely before answering the question.

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Unconventional approach:

Unconventional approach can help aspirants arrive at the answer faster than solving the question conventionally.

In certain cases, the answer the question requires might be different from what those questions conventionally ask for. In most such cases, the conventional answer will also be in the options to fool the aspirants. Avoid walking into such traps.

Options can often contain the vital clue required to solve the answer. Aspirants must definitely read the options too before solving the question. In certain questions, option elimination can prove to be helpful. Also, in certain questions, aspirants can solve the equations by substituting the options to save time.

Hope this Quantitative aptitude for CAT questions and answers practice sets will definitely help you to learn more and score more in the actual exam.

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