AP Police SI Mains 2019 Arithmetic and Reasoning


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

If there is an increase of 25% and 4% successively in the sales of a car of brand X in two consecutive years, then the net increase in the sales after two years, is

Question 12

A variable x is proportional to y. If 3 values $$x_1, x_2, x_3$$ of x are in the ratio 2:3:4 such that $$x_1 + x_2 + x_3$$ = 9 and $$x_1y_1+x_2y_2+x_3y_3$$ = 29 then the ratio of the increase percentages of $$x_1y_1$$, $$x_2y_2$$, $$x_3y_3$$ over $$x_1,x_2,x_3 $$respectively is

Question 13

A fruit vendor has certain oranges with him. He sells each orange for Rs.5. Three customers A, B, C successively bought 25%, $$33\frac{1}{3}$$, 50% of the oranges that are left over with the vendor each time. Later a fourth customer D bought 4 oranges. If A and D together paid Rs.140/- to the vendor, then the percentage of oranges left with the vendor is

Question 14

A, B, C and D are four students in a class. A's total score is 20% less than B's total score, C's total score is 25% more than A's total score, D's total score is 20% more than A's total score. If the least total score among the scores is 240, then the ratio of the scores of the four students in the decreasing order is

Question 15

A merchant is selling goods by importing from abroad. He gets a discount of $$33\frac{1}{3}$$% on 3 the catalogue price, pays 20% import duty on the net cost of the goods and sells the goods for a profit of 25%. If the catalogue price of an article is Rs. 3,756, then its selling price (in Rs.) is

Question 16

A dishonest dealer claims to sell his goods for the cost price. If he uses 20% less weight in weighing the goods, his gain % is:

Question 17

If a person sold his watch for Rs.24 with a profit percentage numerically equal to its cost price, then the cost price of the watch is Rs.

Question 18

A shopkeeper offers successive discounts of 20% and 25% on the marked price of an article and gets a profit of 20%. If he wants to make 40% profit, the percentage by which the marked price is to be increased is

Question 19

A shopkeeper sells two types of articles A and B for the same price at Rs. 150/-. The cost prices of them are respectively Rs. 120/- and Rs. 200/-. On the first day he sells only one item of A and increases this number by 6 units each day. He sells 50 units of 13 on first day and decreases this number each day by 2 units. The number of days the shopkeeper incurs a net loss continuously is

Question 20

The following table shows the different number of items a shopkeeper sold with different cost prices and different selling prices. Use this information to match the items of List A with the items of List B.

The correct match for i, ii, iii is

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