AP ICET 10th September 2020 Shift-2


In the following questions each question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 11

Is $$(a^3 + b^3)^{\frac{1}{3}}$$ an integer?
I. a and b are positive integers.
II. $$(a^3 + b^3)$$ is equal to the volume of a box whose dimensions are $$12 \times 18 \times 125$$

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Question 12

What is the cost price of the pen?
I. The selling price of the pen is Rs. 50
II. The profit is 25%

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Question 13

What is the value of $$\cos^4 \theta + \sec^4 \theta$$?
I. $$\sec^2 \theta - \tan^2 \theta = 1$$
II. $$\cos \theta + \sec \theta = 2$$

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Question 14

What is the height of the vertical pole AB?
I. Seen from a point C on the ground, $$\angle ACB = 60^\circ$$
II. AC = 60 m

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Question 15

Is $$x > y$$?
I. $$y^2 - 6y + 12 = 2y - 4$$
II. $$x^2 - 4x + 4 = 0$$

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Question 16

How many grand children does A have?
I. A has one son and two daughters.
II. The son of A has 2 daughters and each daughter of A has 2 sons.

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Question 17

What is the median of the frequency distribution?
I. The Mean of the distribution is 52.
II. The Mode of the distribution is 55.

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Question 18

What is the probability of drawing a white ball at random from a bag?
I. The bag has a total of 15 balls.
II. The bag contains white balls and black balls.

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Question 19

How much of canvas is required to erect a conical tent?
I. The diameter of the base of the tent is 10 meters.
II. The cost of canvas is Rs.100 per sq. meter.

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Question 20

What is the fifth term in a sequence of consecutive even integers?
I. The sum of the first two numbers in the sequence is 34.
II. The difference between any two consecutive numbers is 2.

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