AP ICET 10th September 2020 Shift-2


Read the passage below and choose the correct answer:

Environmentalism began as a movement in the 1960s and 1970s. However, humanity's relationship and dependence on the earth for survival has existed since the beginning of time. Many cultures including Native Americans, Aborigines, Africans and South Americans have understood this interconnection with the natural world. Western cultures had a poor understanding of this relationship as they separated themselves from the land through technology and development. Beginning in the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution caused many changes, Western people realized their behavior had a negative impact on the environment. In the growing industrial cities of London, New York and Chicago, coal burning factories polluted the air and water while the need for lumber to build factories and homes caused mass deforestation and subsequent destruction of animal life.

On a relatively small scale, groups of people were concerned about the future of the environment. Scientists studied ecological systems while others formed clubs and initiated protests. These concerted people became known as conservationists, a predecessor to the modern environmentalist. Some of the earliest protests against pollution and for the conservation of natural resources and wildlife happened in the late nineteenth century.

In the years proceeding World War II, America experienced an economic boom. New technologies introduced atomic energy, synthetic materials and chemicals, such as pesticides, ,which led to advancements in agriculture and consumer products. The booming economy allowed the average family to afford a house, automobile and other amenities at soaring rates. Lands outside of cities were bulldozed for suburban development, new factories emitted more pollution due to the production of more goods and larger numbers of cars discharged additional exhaust; "pollution was the price of economic progress"

Question 191

Which culture among the following did not understand the interconnections with the natural environment?

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Question 192

Destruction of animal life was caused by

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Question 193

Who among the follwing are NOT conservationists?

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Question 194

The western cultures are not connected to the natura world because of

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Question 195

Which event caused realization in westerners about their behavior towards the environment?

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Read the following passage and answer questions.

On 10 May 1857 the Indian Rebellion started in Meerut. When news of the fighting reached Jhansi, the Rani asked the British political Officer, Captain Alexdander Skene, for permission to raise a body of armed men for her own protection; Skene agreed to this. The city was relatively calm in the midst of the regional unrest, but the Rani conducted a Haldi Kumkum ceremony with pomp in front of all the women of Jhansi to provide assurance to her subjects, in the summer of 1857 and to convince them that the British were cowards and not to be afraid of them.

Until the is point, Lakshmibai was reluctant to rebel against the British. In June 1857, rebels of die 12th Bengal Native Infantry seized the Star Fort of Jhansi containing the treasure and magazine, and after persuading the British to lay down their arms by promising them no harm, broke their word and massacred 40 to 60 European officers of the garrison along with their wives and children. The Rani's involvement in this massacre is still a subject of debate. An army doctor, Thomas Lowe. wrote after the rebellion characterising her as the "Jezebel of India ... the young Rani upon whose head rested the blood of the slain".

Question 196

The passage asserts that the Rani of Jhansi was __________ to the Britishers in the beginning.

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Question 197

Rani conducted Haldi Kumkum ceremony to assure her followers that

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Question 198

The Bengal Native Infantry killed the British officers by _______

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Question 199

Thomas Lowe believed that, the Rani of Jhansi __________

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Question 200

The antonym of the word 'reluctant' is _____________

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