AP ICET 10th September 2020 Shift-2


In the following questions each question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

What is the perimeter of the rectangle?
I. The area of the rectangle is 168 cm$$^2$$
II. Length of a diagonal is 25 cm.

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Question 2

What is the remainder when the polynomial $$P(x)$$ is divided by $$x - 5$$?
I. The remainder is $$x + 3$$ when $$P(x)$$ is divided by $$x^2 - 3x - 10$$
II. The remainder is 1 when $$P(x)$$ is divided by $$x + 2$$

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Question 3

What is the cost price of each pen?
I. If 4 pens are old for Rs. 244, then the percentage of profit is 22
II. 4 pens are sold at a profit of 18%

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Question 4

What is the number of elements in the set $$A \cup B$$?
I. Number of elements in $$A \cap B = 5$$
II. Number of elements of B which are not in A is 17

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Question 5

What is the number of sides of a regular polygon?
I. The sum of the angles subtended by the sides of the polygon at the centre is $$2 \pi$$ radians
II. The number of diagonals of the polygon is 35

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Question 6

If A, B, C are the angles and a, b, c are lengths of the sides opposites to them respectively, then, is the triangle ABC equilateral?
I. $$\frac{a}{\cos A} = \frac{b}{\cos B} = \frac{c}{\cos C}$$
II. $$A + B + C = \pi$$

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Question 7

What is the rate of compound interest?
I. Interest for the first two year's is Rs. 3801
II. Interest for the second year alone is Rs. 1991

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Question 8

What is the area of the path around a rectangular field?
I. Rectangular field has area 190 m$$^2$$
II. The width of the path is 2m

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Question 9

How is A related to X?
I. X is the daughter of Y
II. Y is the daughter of A

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Question 10

What is the first term of the Geometric Progression?
I. Product of $$3^{rd}$$ and $$7^{th}$$ terms is 6400
II. $$5^{th}$$ term is 80

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