AP ICET 10th September 2020 Shift-1


In the following questions each question is followed by data in the formĀ of two statementĀ  labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

What is the rate of interest percent per annum?
I. The difference between the compound and simple interest on an amount of Rs. 1,15,500 is Rs. 415.8 at the end of 2 years
II. The simple interest earned at the end of one year is Rs. 2420.

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Question 2

What is the length of the train?
I. The train takes 10 seconds to cross a bridge
II. The train takes 30 seconds to cross a platform.

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Question 3

What is the marked price of the table?
I. The marked price of the table is 30% above its cost price. Two successive discounts were given while selling the table.
II. The table was sold for Rs. 2700. The percentage of discount given during the second time is twice the percentage of discount given during: first time

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Question 4

What is the total number of girls in the class?
I. Ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in the class is 7 : 5
II. The average weight of girls in the class is 2 kg less than the average weight of boys in the class. The average weight of all the students of that class is 45 kgs.

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Question 5

Two persons A and B start running towards each other at the same timeĀ  from P and Q and meet after 120 minutes. What is the Speed of A?
I. Q is 35 km away from P and speed of A is 120% of the speed of B.
II. Distance covered by B is 15 km

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Question 6

By how many years is Aswani younger than her brother Sanjay?
I. The ratio of Aswani's present age to that of Sanjay after 3 years is 7:9
II. The ratio of Aswani sage three years ago to Sanjay's present age is 1:2

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Question 7

How far and in which direction is point B with respect point A?
I. Point G is 6m to the east of A, point C is 9m to the north of G, point F is 3m to the west of C and point B is 6m away from F
II. Point M is 8m to the west of B. point R is 8m to the south of M, Point A is 11 m to the east of R. Point C is to the north-east of A

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Question 8

Six persons C, D, E, F, G, H are sitting in a line (row) facing North with equal distance between each other. Who sits second to the left of G?
I. There is only one person between C and H, and C sits third from the left end of the line. G sits at one of the positions to the right of E and only two people sit between E and G.
II. E sits third to the left of G. F sits at one of the positions to the right of H. G is not at the extreme end. More than 3 people sit between H and F.

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Question 9

What is the height of the right circular cylinder?
I. Volume of the cylinder is 278 $$cm^3$$
II. Lateral surface area of the cylinder is 135 $$cm^2$$

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Question 10

M, N, O and P are four positive integers. What is the value of O?
I. $$P > O > N > M$$ and the median of these four numbers is 75
II. M and N are equidistant from 49. P and O are equidistant from 118

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