AP ICET 10th September 2020 Shift-1


In the following questions each question is followed by data in the form of two statement  labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 11

How many entries in the stock register can three persons post in one day?
I. A working day consists of 8 hours
II. Ten persons can post 1200 entries in five days

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Question 12

What is the height of the right angled triangle?
I. The perimeter of the triangle is 30 cm
II. The difference between the height and the base is 7 cm.

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Question 13

What is the distance between P and R?
I. P is 90 m from Q
II. Q is 60 m from R

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Question 14

What is the value of $$5x^3y - \frac{5x^3}{y}$$?
I. $$y + 1 = 0$$
II. $$y - 2 = 0$$

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Question 15

Is a>0?
I. $$a < a^2$$
II. $$\frac{1}{a} > 4$$

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Question 16

For two sets A and B, is $$A \cap B = \phi$$?
I. n(A) = 7, n(B) = 9
II. $$n(A \cup B) = 14$$

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Question 17

If O is the centre of the circle, what is the area of the shaded portion?
I. Radius of the circle is 8 cm
II. $$\angle ACB = 30^\circ$$

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Question 18

What is the size of population of a city in the year 2020?
I. It population in the year 2000 was one million.
II. The rate of increase of population is 5% per decade

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Question 19

Will it be a Sunday tomorrow?
I. Yesterday is not a Friday
II. Sunday is a Holiday

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Question 20

What is the value of the coins in the pocket?
I. 30 of the coins in the pocket are one rupee coins.
II. There are 40 coins in the pocket

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