Question 98

In how many ways can 7 identical erasers be distributed among 4 kids in such a way that each kid gets at least one eraser but nobody gets more than 3 erasers?


We have been given that a + b + c + d = 7
Total ways of distributing 7 things among 4 people so that each one gets at least one = $$^{n-1}C_{r-1}$$ = 6C3 = 20
Now we need to subtract the cases where any one person got more than 3 erasers. Any person cannot get more than 4 erasers since each child has to get at least 1. Any of the 4 childs can get 4 erasers. Thus, there are 4 cases. On subtracting these cases from the total cases we get the required answer. Hence, the required value is 20 - 4 = 16

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