Answer questions based on the following information:

Data on an ongoing football league of a country is given below. 20 teams are playing in the league. The rules of the league are as follows:

1. Each team plays all the other teams twice, once in its home ground, and once in the opponent's home ground. These matches are known as the "Home" match and the "Away" match respectively.
2. A win results in 3 points, a draw in 1 point, and a loss in 0 point for the team.
3. The number of goals a team scores is termed as "Goals For" and the number of goals it concedes is termed as "Goals Against". We get the "Goal Difference" by subtracting "Goals Against" from "Goals For".

The ranking of the teams is decided on the total points. If two teams are tied on their total points, the team which has a higher Goal Difference gets the higher rank. If the tie cannot be resolved on Goal Difference, Goals For is checked followed by Goals Against. If the tie persists, the teams are ranked in the ascending order of their names.

Table 1 provides data on the current top 13 teams based on the overall situation, i.e., by taking into account both home matches and away matches of each team.
Table 2 provides data on the current top 13 teams based on home matches only.

Chart 1 provides a plot of the goal difference of each of the 13 teams based on the overall situation.


Question 90

Let us define a term pos as the difference between "home rank" and "away rank". Which of the following has the maximum value of pos?


Using the data from both the tables available, we can create the table for away matches as given below:

We have to find the team with the highest difference between home and away rank.

AS: pos = |12 - 1| = 11

WB: pos = |1 - 7| = 6

WH: pos = |2 - 10| = 8

MC: pos = |4 - 7| = 3

SW: pos = |5 - 2| = 3

Thus, the team with the highest value of pos is AS

Thus, option A is the correct answer.

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