Answer the questions based on the following information. The first table gives the percentage of students in MBA class, who sought employment in the areas of finance, marketing and software. The second table gives the average starting salaries of the students per month, (rupees in thousands) in these areas. The third table gives the number of students who passed out in each year.

Table 1:

Table 2:

Table 3:

Question 75

In 1994, students seeking jobs in finance earned ___ more than those opting for software (per annum).


Number of students in 1994 passed out = 1100.

Number of students in 1994 from finance = 23% of 1100 = 23*11

Number of students in 1994 from software = 21% of 1100 = 21*11

Difference in salary = 12(23*11*7550-21*11*7050) = 3379200 = 33.8 lakhs

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