Question 74

In a race of three horses, the first beat the second by 11 metres and the third by 90 metres. If the second beat the third by 80 metres, what was the length, in metres, of the racecourse?

Correct Answer: 880


Assuming the length of race course = x and the speed of three horses be a,b and c respectively.

Hence, $$\ \frac{\ x}{a}=\ \frac{\ x-11}{b}$$......(1)

and $$\ \frac{\ x}{a}=\ \frac{\ x-90}{c}$$......(2)

Also, $$\ \frac{\ x}{b}=\ \frac{\ x-80}{c}$$......(3)

From 1 and 2, we get, $$\ \frac{\ x-11}{b}=\ \frac{\ x-90}{c}$$ .....(4)

Dividing (3) by (4), we get, $$\ \frac{\ x-11}{x}=\ \frac{\ x-90}{x-80}$$  

=> (x-11)(x-80)=x(x-90)

=> 91x-90x=880  => x=880

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