Question 73

In a group of people, 28% of the members are young while the rest are old. If 65% of the members are literates, and 25% of the literates are young, then the percentage of old people among the illiterates is nearest to


Let 'x' be the strength of group G. Based on the information, $$0.65x$$ constitutes of literate people {the rest $$0.35x$$ = illiterate}
Of this $$0.65x$$, 75% are old people =(0.75)0.65x old literates. The total number of old people in group G is $$0.72x$$ {72% of the total}. Thus, the total number of old people who are illiterate = $$0.72x-0.4875x\ =\ 0.2325x$$. This is $$\frac{0.2325x}{0.35x}\times\ 100\ \approx\ \ 66\%$$ of the total number of illiterates. Hence, Option D is the correct answer.

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