CAT 2019 Question Paper (Slot 1) Question 71

Question 71

The income of Amala is 20% more than that of Bimala and 20% less than that of Kamala. If Kamala's income goes down by 4% and Bimala's goes up by 10%, then the percentage by which Kamala's income would exceed Bimala's is nearest to


Assuming the income of Bimla = 100a, then the income of Amala will be 120a.

And the income of Kamala will be 120a*100/80=150a

If Kamala's income goes down by 4%, then new income of Kamala = 150a-150a(4/100) = 150a-6a=144a

If Bimla's income goes up by 10 percent, her new income will be 100a+100a(10/100)=110a

=> Hence the Kamala income will exceed Bimla income by (144a-110a)*100/110a=31

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