The grid below captures relationships among seven personality dimensions: "extraversion", "true_arousal_plac", "true_arousal_caff”, "arousal_plac", "arousal_caff”, "performance_plac", and "performance caff”. The diagonal represents histograms of the seven dimensions. Left of the diagonal represents scatterplots between the dimensions while the right of the diagonal represents quantitative relationships between the dimensions. The lines in the scatterplots are closest approximation of the points. The value of the relationships to the right of the diagonal can vary from -1 to +1, with -1 being the extreme linear negative relation and +1 extreme linear positive relation. (Axes of the graph are conventionally drawn).

Question 70

Which of the scatterplots shows the weakest relationship?


+1 being the extreme linear positive relation and -1 being the extreme linear negative relation. Relationship is weakest when the value is closest to 0.
Among the given options, A is the weakest.


Among the given plots, scattered plot between "extraversion" and "performance_caff" is the most scattered. Therefore weakest relationship.

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