Question 69

Number of students who have opted for subjects A, B and C are 60, 84 and 108 respectively. The examination is to be conducted for these students such that only the students of the same subject are allowed in one room. Also the number of students in each room must be same. What is the minimum number of rooms that should be arranged to meet all these conditions?


As we can see here that total number of students are = 60+84+108 = 252

Now given condition is that in one room only the students of the same subject can be there and the number of rooms should be minimum that means the number of students in a particular room will be maximum.

This Maximum number of students will be HCF (Highest common factor) of 60, 84 and 108 and that will be 12

Hence, number of rooms will be = 252/12 = 21

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