CAT 2017 Question Paper (Shift-1) Question 69

Question 69

An elevator has a weight limit of 630 kg. It is carrying a group of people of whom the heaviest weighs 57 kg and the lightest weighs 53 kg. What is the maximum possible number of people in the group?

Correct Answer: 11


It is given that the maximum weight limit is 630. The lightest person's weight is 53 Kg and the heaviest person's weight is 57 Kg.

In order to have maximum people in the lift, all the remaining people should be of the lightest weight possible, which is 53 Kg.

Let there be n people.

53 + n(53) + 57 = 630

n is approximately equal to 9.8. Hence, 9 people are possible.

Therefore, a total of 9 + 2 = 11 people can use the elevator.

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Anjali Chindalia

2 months ago

Hello sir,
I have calculated this ques like:
630÷53= 11.88
630÷ 57= 11.05
Round off- 11 people
Is this the right way of doing the ques?


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