Question 63

Developed countries have made adequate provisions for social security for senior citizens. State insurers (as well as private ones) offer medicare and pension benefits to people who can no longer earn. In India, with the collapse of the joint family system, the traditional shelter of the elderly has disappeared. And a State faced with a financial crunch is not in a position to provide social security. So, it is advisable that the working population give serious thought to building a financial base for itself.

Which one of the following, if it were to happen, weakens the conclusion drawn in the above passage the most?


The main conclusion of the paragraph is that the working population should save for its future given that the Indian state is not in a position to provide social security for its citizens. The underlying assumption is that the Indian state would not be in a position to provide social security even in the future. If option C is true, then this assumption is attacked and the conclusion is weakened.

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