Question 60

A box has 450 balls, each either white or black, there being as many metallic white balls as metallic black balls. If 40% of the white balls and 50% of the black balls are metallic, then the number of non-metallic balls in the box is

Correct Answer: 250


Let the number of white balls be x and black balls be y 
So we get x+y =450       (1)
Now metallic black balls = 0.5y
Metallic white balls = 0.4x
From condition 0.4x=0.5y
we get 4x-5y=0     (2)
Solving (1) and (2) we get
x=250 and y =200
Now number of Non Metallic balls = 0.6x+0.5y = 150+100 = 250

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